Title Feb 2009
Contents Page
Swat Charter by Abid H. Minto
Privatisation Policy by Minto
Classless Education - N.H. Ata
Extremism......  Unacceptable
Writers Conference by K.Jafri
Poems at Writers Conference
Could we do something? Dr Zia
Lahore Demo against Terrorism
Karachi Demo against Terrorism
Sanghar Demo against Terrorism
Multan Demo against Terrorism
Gujranwala Anti-Terrorism Demo
Faisalabad Anti-terrorism Demo
Religious and Imperialist Terror
Trade Union Demands
Pakistan Kissan Committee
Editors' Mail
Slogan fo Awami Jamhooriat
Basic Principles NWP
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Poems presented by Abid Hussain Abid, Hamida Shaheen & Sabina Refat at Writers Concerence



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